Electronic Arts 40th Anniversary

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of video game company Electronic Arts.
As part of the celebration, our team built an immersive gallery experience at the headquarters in California. The interactive wall displays box artwork from every game released in the last four decades.

EA Story interactive exhibition exterior entrance and mural.

In addition to helping process the inventory of 20K+ historical images, I also created the “doodle” tribute illustration on the exterior wall to honor some of the iconic titles, characters, and franchises from across EA’s extensive gaming portfolio.

EA Story mural line art details
Line art details. Various characters, game genres, and franchises all translated into one, cohesive visual language.
EA Story interior experience
Gallery Interior; wall of games powered by an interactive kiosk.

I was thrilled to receive this assignment because I actually restarted my career at Electronic Arts after my design career in the music industry was cut short by a neuromuscular disorder which left me unable to draw or use my dominant drawing hand properly.

While preparing my application, I researched the company and was delighted to discover that much of the early game packaging was fashioned after vinyl record album packaging. I joined EA as a project manager for the creative services team, overseeing the creation of hundreds of pieces of video game packaging — a bit of a full circle moment.

While my hand doesn’t work as well as it used to, I hope I did justice to these classic games, and I hope the guests will enjoy exploring the space and learning more about EA’s history.

See more detail on the exhibit from our fantastic design partners at DOME Collective.