Janet Jackson Portrait Art Series

A series of stylized portrait art showcasing Janet Jackson in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of the landmark Rhythm Nation 1814 project. Janet’s signature styles from this era included:
  • Escapade Music Video
  • Alright Music Video
  • Love Would Never Do Music Video
  • 1990 Billboard Awards Appearance
  • Black Cat Music Video
  • Rhythm Nation Music Video
A new, commemorative #RN30 logo branded the series, inspired by the metal badges from the original Rhythm Nation uniforms. These portraits were created as vector art, using Adobe Illustrator. Prior to this project, I have created a number of other Janet Jackson fan art pieces. Over the years, this work has endeared itself to her loyal fan base, and at one point, attracted the attention of Janet herself. Read about how it all got started. See the entire collection of Janet Jackson portrait art here.