MTV BIOrhythm – Janet Jackson

Animation and illustration for a musical biography show.

In this premiere episode for Janet Jackson, the producers wanted to create animation segments reminiscent to the style of the old Jackson 5 animated series, but with an edge to complement Janet’s modern style. The animation segments were integrated with music and video footage for a kaleidoscope of fantastic imagery.

At the time of its debut, the program was the highest rated first season episode of any MTV show in history. The show received a 1.9 rating on its debut, by comparison, MTV’s The Real World rated about a .5 or .6 for the first three years and was considered a huge success.

Because of the program’s phenomenal success and dynamic style, it was included in an exhibit entitled Janet Jackson: From Good Times to Great Videos at The Museum of Television and Radio in New York and L.A. The exhibit was co-sponsored by Entertainment Tonight as part of a salute to “Excellence on Television.”

The program is now included in the permanent media archive at The Paley Center for Media.